Thursday, February 14, 2013

Late Night Work Required to Install Temporary Traffic Bridge at I-680 and Mission Blvd. Prior to Pipeline Construction

Due to wet weather conditions, the Wednesday, Feb. 20 on-ramp work has been postponed. The on-ramp will be closed at midnight for five hours, and reopen on Friday, Feb. 22 at 5 a.m. in time for the morning commute.

Upcoming Construction Activities
Beginning midnight on Friday, Feb. 22, an I-680 on-ramp closure is scheduled, as crews need to redirect traffic along this traffic corridor in order to access the water pipeline later this spring. 

This closure is necessary for work on a water pipe below the on-ramp. The on-ramp will be closed for five hours, and will reopen on Friday, Feb. 22 at 5 a.m. in time for the morning commute. This time frame has been identified to ensure that work is completed prior to morning commute times. Two additional late night on-ramp closures are required in the coming months to complete this work.

What to Expect?
This night time work will involve some excavation work around the on-ramp area. 
The contractor will employ best management practices to control noise, dust and other disturbances around the site.

Why Night Time Work?
The regional water delivery pipeline in need of replacement is located directly under the I-680 freeway and the on/off-ramps of Mission Blvd. In order to access the pipeline, a phased traffic handling plan will be in place. These overnight on-ramp closures are one of a handful of traffic diversions that this project will require along this busy traffic corridor.
The SFPUC, Caltrans and other governmental agencies have been working with the contractor on this phased traffic approach plan.

Traffic Detour Information
To detour during this five-hour on-ramp closure, use Warm Springs Blvd. (North), and make a right at Auto Mall Parkway to merge onto the I-680 North.

This closure is necessary to complete the temporary bridge installation to ensure that motorists will be able to use this major traffic commute artery at all times. During the environmental review period, this option was identified as being the least disruptive alternative.


  1. One small request. As we approach 680 on Mission South (West?) the lanes are reduced to one. Sometimes it is the left lane that is closed, sometimes it is the right lane that is closed. Since the sign stating which lane is closed is always posted just past the bend in the road the morning commuters can not tell which lane is open until they are almost on top of the lane reduction. If we knew which lane we should be in we'd try to be in that one. Please have the sign posted fifty to a hundred feet closer to Paseo Padre and the commuters will line up better. Thanks.

    Don Swanner

    1. Don,

      Thank you for your input. We are working with our contractor today to try to identify a place for the electronic sign before the bend on Mission Blvd. westbound.

      If you have any further input on the issue or would like to inform me as to whether the issue has been resolved, feel free to email me at

      Ben Glickstein
      Communications Liaison