Thursday, January 31, 2013

Sound Curtains Being Installed Around BDPL3&4 Work Area

Residents who live near the project in Fremont are benefiting from new and innovative sound-absorbing material to reduce construction noise. Recently, the SFPUC’s environmental team discovered these recycled polymer "sound curtains" as an alternative to the usual steel-and plywood sound walls used on other projects.

This material absorbs airborne noise and converts it to vibration and then the energy dissipates off as heat. It comes in rolls and can easily be attached to chain-link fence, plywood and other surfaces. This sound-absorbing material was installed along the pipeline right of way near residences where construction activities are taking place.

Measurements taken by the environmental inspectors at a pilot site confirmed that these “curtains” significantly decrease the sound volume of the construction activities for the nearby residents. Monitoring efforts will continue throughout construction as the environmental team works to ensure that the project move forward while minimizing impacts to air, water, wildlife, and the surrounding neighbors. 

The sound curtains are currently up near homes immediately adjacent to our work area at Tissiack Way in Fremont.


  1. Those sound curtains are very interesting. Do you think there will be a way to maybe install new chain link fence with that sound structure into residential areas? It could be very useful in noisy areas.

    1. Thanks for your question Alvin. The sound curtains in the image above are installed on chain link fence, and have proven very effective in residential areas.