Monday, December 30, 2013

Milestone: Non-stick Pipes Slipped Beneath I-680

On December 27, we placed the final length of the Bay Division No. 4 water pipeline under I-680 in Fremont. Representatives from the SFPUC, the general contractor and engineering firm came together this week to sign the final 25-foot-long length of pipe.

From L to R: SFPUC Project Manager Bryan Dessaure, Tony Ferencik and
Jim Pelletier of Steve P. Rados, Inc., WSIP Deputy Director of Construction
Alan Johanson and URS Corp. Structural Engineer Changmo Kwon.
In order to slide this new seismically-reinforced pipe into the existing pipeline, URS Corp. proposed an unusual method. Smooth sheets of the material used on non-stick pans, PTFE, were affixed to the inside of the existing pipe and the bottom of the new pipe. These sheets allowed the pipe to be slipped into place without using rollers or damaging the pipe coating. The material will also allow the new pipe to move more freely within the existing pipe during an earthquake so that it won't break.

WSIP Deputy Director of Construction Alan Johanson signs
his name on the final piece of Bay Division Pipeline No. 4
to be sliplined using the new technique.
We will continue installing additional segments of Bay Division Pipeline No. 4 pipeline throughout 2014 using a combination of open trenches and trenchless techniques.

White sheets of PTFE are applied to a pipe segment
 at the Seismic Upgrade of BDPL3&4.

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