Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Construction Update: Ongoing Night Work at I-680 for Sliplining of Water Pipeline

Starting the week of June 17, the contractor will begin periodic overnight quality assurance monitoring work at the interchange of Mission Blvd. and I-680. This monitoring work is quiet and non-disruptive, and will only take place along Mission Blvd. in the I-680 interchange. At this time, this work will not be near homes and will not disrupt traffic. Approximately three to five crew members will be accessing this work area in the SFPUC right of way around the I-680 and Mission Blvd. interchange.

Since the project is located above the Hayward Earthquake Fault, it is important for the contractor to ensure the jobsite and the newly installed pipeline meets safety and quality requirements before the start of the following work day. The newly installed pipeline will be replaced using the "sliplining" method.

What is sliplining?
Sliplining allows a new pipe segment to be threaded into pre-existing tunnels and pipelines located below I-680 and the I-680 on-ramp. This will ensure traffic continues to flow on I-680 and the ramps. This work and monitoring will continue until the Spring of 2014.

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