Monday, April 15, 2013

Project Update: Pedestrian Signs Installed With Temporary Sidewalk

New signage along Mission Blvd. is now set up to help direct pedestrians who pass the Seismic Upgrade project on their daily errands and jogs.

On the south side of Mission Blvd., a temporary sidewalk has been installed between a northbound traffic off-ramp and the I-680 overpass. This path curves around a segment of the construction site and is lined with orange safety fencing.

Pedestrians should use the curved walkway, and not walk on the street or enter the work site between the orange fencing and the road. This temporary sidewalk will be in place until the end of construction in late 2014.

See images of the new signs (top right), the correct walking path leading to the left (bottom right) and a map outlining the walking path in blue (below).

Pedestrians must use the sidewalks marked in blue
Sidewalks marked in red and unmarked stretches of road 
are currently closed to pedestrians.

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