Monday, April 30, 2012

Summer Work in Preparation for Seismic Upgrade

SFPUC anticipates awarding this Seismic Upgrade Project contract within 45 days.  Once we have Commission approval, another public meeting will take place later this summer to provide you with information on the upcoming project as well as an opportunity to meet the Contractor.
Two relocation projects need to be completed before the Seismic Upgrade of Bay Division Pipeline Nos. 3&4 can begin. Alameda County Water District water line just completed their project. Union Sanitary District (USD) sewer pipelines cross the  Hetch Hetchy Right of Way where the Seismic Upgrade will be installed later this Fall.

Projected Timeline:
·        Summer 2012 - Union Sanitary District utility relocation and Alameda County Water District water line tie in. 
·        Fall 2012 -  Seismic Upgrade Project construction begins
·        Winter 2014 -  Expected completion of the project 

USD awarded the Sanitary Sewer Relocation Project last month to K.J. Woods Construction Inc.   Mobilization to the site is scheduled to begin early May.  The Contractor estimates project completion in August.

Here is the USD Project Area:

Starting this week, USD’s Contractor will begin mobilizing to the project site. They will install the environmental exclusion fencing around the construction site, potholing for utilities and constructing the temporary road to the project area.  

Please see below for the construction notice that was mailed out to adjacent neighbors. In addition, USD’s Contractor will issue notices to neighbors near the project site.

We will continue to update our blog as more information about this project becomes available.

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